Mobile apps have transformed our lives in many ways. We cannot think of a day without a smartphone in our hands. Right from the alarm to the lullaby song for infants or kids to sleep, everything has been made into an app for ease of use. The world is at the fingertips of users – literally.

Smartphones and mobile apps have become an inseparable part of our lifestyle. According to mobile studies, an average person spends a few hours – 5 or more hours, on their smartphone daily. Customers prefer mobile apps for a number of reasons and this is why businesses are increasingly developing mobile apps that enable m-commerce for their services and products. Mobile apps offer the following benefits:

Multiple features

Mobiles have the combined features of a variety of devices like camera, radio, music player, calculator, etc. Apps can gain access to all these features enabling wider functionality. For instance, social networking apps make the most use of cameras, which helps in posting photos instantly. Many apps use the GPS feature to easily ascertain the location of customers. Taxi and food delivery apps have leveraged the maximum value from GPS.

Seamless & secure communication

Apps have made communication so easy and cheap these days. They have enabled us to keep in touch with our dear ones from all over the world. End-to-end encryption ensures that our chats and data are secure from illegal access. Calls – both audio & video can be done via apps like Whatsapp, Messenger, etc. When in trouble, we can send an SOS message or our current location to others for the arrival of help. This functionality makes it easy for businesses to engage with customers and for customers to seek support via this smooth, secure and cheap communication.

Apps help us to stay updated with events around the globe or locally. News apps update people who cannot dedicate time to watch TV news channels. Breaking news often spreads quickly over social media such as Twitter, Facebook and even Whatsapp. Information related to the weather updates is immediately accessible from apps too.

Mobile apps are advantageous for businesses as they can instantly alert customers about upcoming deals, sales or exciting products and events. This is just one of the reasons why businesses are leveraging mobile apps to engage with their customer base. Almost every business small or big, new or old is joining the mobile app crowd.

Ease of service

Mobile apps bring service providers closer to their customers than ever. Businesses can be in direct touch with customers for understanding their requirements. Dependency on media like newspaper and television for making announcements has reduced. With apps, updates can reach the end user in seconds.

Businesses have thrived with apps due to their 24hr services, ease of use and appeal to customers who prefer to use mobiles for their transactions. Information available on the app can be accessed by the end user anytime they like. Consider banking services – account holders had to visit the bank, wait in queue, and fill up the necessary forms to transfer money. Now, banking apps have enabled banks to service customers all through the day from the convenience of their phones. This means longer working hours which means more transactions and greater customer satisfaction.


Understanding the pulse of the customer is essential and this is easily achieved by apps. Formerly, businesses had to rely on in-person or telephone surveys, and market research results for this. Mobile apps can collect feedback from users more efficiently. Businesses can quickly respond to users to ensure improved services in the future. Customer loyalty rises when the feedback is heard and acted upon swiftly. This provides businesses a chance to improve their brand image and build stronger relationships with customers.

Growing industry

The mobile app making industry is constantly evolving and growing. The net worth of this industry is more than 25 billion US$. It has provided job opportunities to millions of designers and developers worldwide and given them a livelihood. With m-commerce increasing every year, the mobile app industry is going to continue growing.

People use apps for a variety of purposes like shopping, gaming, socializing and entertainment, while there are others who utilize them for business purposes. There are about 8 million apps in the Google Play Store, 2.2 million in the Apple App Store, 669,000 in the Windows Store and 600,000 in the Amazon App Store. Presently, mobile devices account for 25% of all retail e-commerce sales and this trend is estimated to reach 35% by the end of 2018. So businesses must leverage this trend for maximum value.

If you would like to explore developing a mobile app for your organization, please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help you.

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