Computer programmers get paid well and many times, you can work from anywhere in the world. Video Transcript

– The economic strain of the pandemic has forced many people to look for new jobs, even pivot careers. In today’s Now Hiring, our Ken Molestina spoke to the dean of a local DeVry University, who is offering insights into some of the most in demand careers, just in case you’re thinking of a change.

KEN MOLESTINA: The ongoing pandemic has resulted in a mounting and historic amount of job loss in the US. As a result, many people are looking for their next hot career move. If you are, too, DeVry University’s Irving campus Dean Christopher Myrben has a few suggestions.

CHRISTOPHER MYRBEN: Software development continues to be one of the hottest fields. Programming and coding skills are great to have to enter this profession. In addition, big data such as data science and math science occupations is expected to grow on a national level.

KEN MOLESTINA: These are the kind of careers Myrben says you can train for quickly with a certificate program that lasts about a year for starters. It’ll get you working and on the right path.

CHRISTOPHER MYRBEN: The students can plan out for, say, the bachelor’s degree, starting with a certificate that can stack into an associate’s and that can then stack into a bachelor’s degree. And it doesn’t take any longer to actually take each of those steps, and they’re earning the credentials along the way and opening themselves up to new opportunities.

KEN MOLESTINA: What kind of a personality, what kind of a mind do you think really thrives in this kind of work?

CHRISTOPHER MYRBEN: Well, that depends. First of all, if you are technical, absolutely. Great opportunities for you. But also somebody who has a creative personality can be incredibly helpful.

KEN MOLESTINA: Myrben adds these programs don’t need to break the bank, either. He says the needs that have spawned for new and creative technology because of the pandemic prove the future of these jobs in tech and in software are vital as we continue to move forward.

CHRISTOPHER MYRBEN: Short term commitments to certificate programs in the areas of cybersecurity, again software programming or data analytics, are really the hottest skills.

KEN MOLESTINA: All right, folks, if you need any information on any of the jobs, the career fields, or the industry insider tips that we’ve been sharing on this segment, all you have to do is find the now hiring logo on our webpage, Best of luck to you.

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